Insulating glass units

Industrially manufactured insulating glass units

2,3, 4-pane, dimensions from 300x400 mm up to 3000x6000 mm, any types, shapes, and formulae.

Properties of modern products have reached such a level that even 2-pane IGUs, by their heat insulating capabilities, are now on par with the conventional building materials and in some cases even surpass them significantly. At the same time, walls become not only transparent but also thinner and lighter, which allows to reduce scopes and volumes of foundation works without any loss in strength and quality. Buildings using such insulating glass units turn to be warm, esthetically flawless, and facades turn to be non-mainstream and reflect an ocean of new, non-standard ideas of architects and designers.


Achievement of such high indicators is possible in case of using innovative materials and assemblying insulating glass units on modern high technology equipment along with the strict adherence to the technology and quality standards adopted at European class companies. It is not enough just to make cool insulating glass panels; for each individual customer it is necessary to correctly cherry-pick that optimum formula (a set of characteristics), which would let solve the glazing task and at the same time not overpay.


Precisely this approach enables DIVETRO to be the leader on the market of production of insulating glass units and translucent structures.

2000 IGUs per one work shift

Automated IGU assembly lines

European quality glass and materials

In-house glass tempering and lamination furnaces

50+ types of glass in stock


Specialized vehicle fleet

Guaranteed terms and quality

What is important to consider when choosing an insulating glass unit?

  • Insulating glass units for facade glazing

    large size (up to JUMBO sizes), safe, with increased heat insulation and sun protection requirements, increasingly frequently - structural (with fixed distance), smart insulating glass units (with heating, projectors etc.).

  • Insulating glass units for windows

    As a rule, these are medium-sized units with high heat insulation and sun protection properties, and also with high noise cancellation properties. They are increasingly frequently safe and decorative.

  • Insulating glass units for entrance doors

    In addition to the specifics of selection of insulating glass units for windows, IGUs for entrance doors can often be structural, with high-precision cutoffs and bevels for installing the hardware and electronic locks with fingerprint reader.

  • Insulating glass units for projecting and recessed balconies

    More and more often, these are safe, have large size in order to match sliding systems, and also meet high requirements to heat and noise insulation.

  • Insulating glass units for sliding systems

    These units are large, safe, more and more often structural, and allow to create the illusion of borderless space and minimize visible parts of profile systems.

  • Insulating glass units for skylights

    These units are mainly made with use of laminated glass and meet very high requirements to sun shielding and specific requirements to light transmission.

  • Insulating glass units for frame building

    These units are large, structural, safe, meet increased requirements to heat and noise insulation and sun protection, similar to IGUs for facade glazing. We recommend to use IGUs with laminated tempered glass and specialized antivandal films.

  • Insulating glass units for winter gardens, greenhouses, and plant houses

    These units are safe, meet high requirements to heat insulation and sun protection, and have high degree of light transmission.
    We recommend to use laminated glass in IGUs for greenhouse roofs.

  • Insulating glass units for museums, art galleries, shop windows etc.

    These units must, more often than any other units, meet high requirements to optical properties: low glassiness, maximum possible color rendition indicators, to the fullest degree extra clear (invisible) glass, antireflective glass presence in the IGU composition.
    The units are large, safe, and, possibly, structural.

  • Insulating glass units for interior partitions

    These units are very specific as the formula of such unit depends on a specific project and requirements to its energy efficiency. As a rule, insulating glass units for interior partitions must meet high requirements to noise cancellation. These units are usually large and safe, and use decorative glass in their composition. A very popular trend is smart IGUs (insulating glass units with variable transparency, as well as units with projection film).

  • Insulating glass units for chiller cabinets

    These units are usually structural, meet high requirements to heat insulation, have large number of high-precision cutoffs and treatments, and, as a rule, have low glassiness or are extra clear. Very often, insulating glass units for chiller cabinets are ordered from us with fragmented painting.

Insulating glass units with tempered glass is rather a fact of life in most projects than a novelty that 8-10 years ago has been used only exclusively and only by heavy hitters of the market.

The same tendention is observed in the use of multilayer tempered and non-tempered glass (triplex). 

Safe (tempered or laminated) glass must at all times be included into:

- insulating glass units that have over 2.3 m2 of area;

- insulating glass units to be installed on the 1st or higher floor;

- insulating glass units for roofs, attics, and any other inclined surfaces;

- insulating glass units used for glazing of children’s institutions and places where large numbers of people can potentially gather.

DIVETRO actively supports the trend of applying safe insulating glass units in all residential premises. 

DIVETRO specializes in the production of complex and non-standard insulating glass units

Structural insulating glass units

These are IGUs of a high degree of complexity that meet high requirements to static loads.
DIVETRO’s experience and qualification in structural glazing are proven by a large number of projects both for the domestic and international markets.

JUMBO sizes

Insulating glass units of large dimensions. DIVETRO produces insulating glass units of any configurations, formulae, and shapes, in sizes up to 3000x6000 mm.

Uncustomary shapes

Triangular, round, trapezoid, complex geometric shapes with any formulae of insulating glass units, with sizes up to 3000x6000 mm.

Safe insulating glass units

These are also called shockproof. Insulating glass units with tempered and laminated glass, to include with special shockproof films.

Shaped insulating glass units

Shaped and at the same time always tempered glass. These IGUs are usually ordered for complex and exquisite facades.

They usually have large numbers of high-precision treatments

Insulating glass units with cutoffs, drilled holes, shaping, engraving, bevel, painting, sandblasting, and with the possibility of gluing into aluminium or reinforced plastic structures.

Colored insulating glass units

A wide choice of colored solutions in multipurpose insulating glass units, insulating glass units with enamelled glass (any RAL color), possibility of painting by drawing: - DIVETRO provides you with virtually unlimited possibilities to create unique architectural solutions. 

Heated insulating glass units

Glass walls can become an additional source of heating for the entire premise or its individual zones. Application of heated IGUs for skylights and other glass roofs significantly reduces costs on their cleaning at cold or rainy times.

Self-cleaning insulating glass units

Application of self-cleaning IGUs significantly cuts costs on cleaning. They are especially relevant everywhere where special mechanisms are needed in order to access the facade side of the glazing.

Smart insulating glass units

Insulating glass units with variable transparency, as well as units with projection screen properties. We currently witness the rise of popularity of smart insulating glass units and demand for them.

Decorative insulating glass units

IGUs with stained-glass artworks, bevels, engravings, drawings, special glasses, including those used for discreet video surveillance etc.

Multipurpose insulating glass units

These units have a wide range of optical and thermophysical characteristics, as well as a large selection of multipurpose glass tints. You can order multipurpose insulating glass units of any shapes and dimensions from DIVETRO.

Artificial aging of glass (HEAT SOAK TEST)

Insulating glass units with heat soak tested glass are feasible to use everywhere where it is potentially difficult to replace the unit, where large numbers of people gather, on high floors, as well as for the purpose of reducing risks of commercial space operation interruption for the period of replacement of a failed insulating glass unit. Leave your request and our experience manager will help cherry-pick the most suitable option of the insulating glass unit for your project and will coordinate with you the best timeframe for the order fulfilment and delivery

Two-, three, and four-pane insulating glass units. Use patterns

Two-pane insulating glass unit

becomes a thing of the past
used in interior structures, in glazing that has relatively low requirements to energy efficiency, or in structures with limited filling depth
4-12 mm glass
unit thickness from 16 to 44 mm
weight from 20 to 60 kg/m2

Three-pane insulating glass unit

the most widely spread
used in all types of glazing of residential and non-residential premises, standard and exquisite architectural projects
4-12 mm glass
unit thickness from 28 to 80 mm
weight from 30 to 90 kg/m2

Four-pane insulating glass unit

is rare in occurrence
used in projects with very high requirements to energy efficiency and noise cancellation (e.g., residential buildings in close vicinity to highways, airports, industrial areas etc.)
4-6 mm glass
unit thickness from 40 to 80 mm
weight from 40 to 60 kg/m2

*indicators are given for automated insulating glass unit assembly lines. In case of exclusive projects, our experts will masterfully pick up the most suitable option, configuration, and thickness of the insulating glass unit.

Automated manufacture of insulating glass units

Absolute majority of DIVETRO insulating glass units is assembled on the in-house automated assembly lines with the lowest possible human factor impact. Up-to-date high technology equipment allows us to achieve high productivity at the guaranteed high quality and with full observance of the technology according to the DSTU regulations.

All DIVETRO’s IGU production lines are equipped with gas filling press. The IGU is filled with argon is performed in an automatic mode in gas environment. This technology of the unit assembly let it retain the declared properties throughout the entire operation period.

The declared operation period for DIVETRO’s insulating glass units is 20 years, but our units are capable of serving much longer. 

Why DIVETRO is trusted and recommended

  • Guaranteed quality and terms


  • 25 years of seamless operation on the market of translucent structures


  • Professional approach and unique solutions


  • High level of technologies and innovations


  • Exclusive products are our thing


  • High level of responsibility at all stages


  • Specialized vehicle fleet to transport sheet glass


  • Favorable terms of cooperation


  • Thousands of successully implemented projects


  • Closed production cycle


  • Personal guarantees of the business owners

  • High level of qualification and professionalism

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