Shower cabins and partitions

Custom shower cabins and partitions

We produce high quality custom shower cabins of the European premium glass.

Up-to-date, reliable and fancy hardware.

A wide choice of models

Glass shower cabin: life pleasures everyone can afford

Not that long ago, the custom glass shower cabin at home or apartment has been a symbol of splendor affordable not to everyone.

But today, it is a common element of comfort and is a frequent part of town apartments and country houses.

Pros and cons

Safety of glass shower cabins

In the production of custom shower cabins special tempered glass is used, which withhold various types of mechanical impacts. It is shockproof, which in case of proper maitenance and treatment guarantees many years of the structure operation.

Leakage protection in the glass shower room

With such shower, you may not worry about your floor covering and possible flooding, as custom shower cabins are created to localize and intentionally remove water flows. It is very important to remember that any, even the most expensive and high quality shower cabin is not fully sealed and during its operation it is crucial to have a properly functioning water drainage and disposal system.

Ergonomics of modern shower cabins

Glass cabins are very compact and take up no room. You will be surprised by many solutions invented by designers for bathrooms of various types and sizes.

Beauty of glass shower cabins

Glass doors for shower cabin will suit any designer solution. They are delicate, elegant, and won’t obstruct any decor, and if needed, they can become a real aesthetic emphasis of modern bathroom.

Practicability and longevity of cabin

No mold and fungi live on the glass; it is absolutely water-resistance, and it is totally easy to remove any dirt or contaminations from its surface. The glass also does not suffer corrosion and requires no special care.

Where and for what purpose you can arrange glass shower cabins

Area of application of glass shower cabins is surprisingly large. Each individual case has its own specifics and peculiarities which can be pointed out by true professionals yet at the stage of preliminary negotiations and considered at the stage of design efforts.

General recommendation for everyone who wants to order modern glass shower cabin - contact DIVETRO as early as at the stage of construction. Our experts will provide you with recommendations that enable to install shower cabin quickly and without any fuss.

For yourself and your beloved ones

  • Master shower cabin


  • Guest bathroom

  • Bath house and sauna

For town apartments

  • Studio apartment


  • Standard planning

  • Smart apartment

For visitors

HoReCa: hotels, hostels, and restaurants

Beauty and SPA, gyms and dance halls, fitness centers

Hospitals, clinics, health centers, massage rooms

For employees

Business centers 


Supermarkets, grocery stores


Car repair stations, food and any other production facilities

Designer projects and visual solutions

What glass is used?

When manufacturing our custom shower cabins, we use several options of glass: transparent, extra-transparent, matte-surfaced, tinted, and even SMART glass. If you want to create an aesthetic visual picture and make the space more private, it is possible to arrange sandblasted drawings and patterns (but you need to preliminary ask our experts about specifics of treating such products). DIVETRO manufactures shower cabins to individual orders, so you can choose and purchase your model made of glass of any type and treatment, which is the most suitable exactly for your design.

Order sealed and antisplash shower cabin

From the manufacturer, on a turnkey basis, and with safe glass only

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