Glass partitions and doors for home

Custom connecting glass partitions and walls

We design, produce, and install safe glass partitions for homes.

Glass partitions can be produced for any premises without any restrictions.

They are very popular in the following types of premises:

  • Open kitchen


  • Bedroom


  • Bathroom


  • Parlor


  • Clothesroom

  • Terrace and winter garden

Glass partitions can be also used for other purposes, depending on the specifics of the space planning and customer’s wishes. 

What the glass partitions can be

  • Fixed glass or mirror partitions

    One of the most popular methods to zone the premise and ajust the living space. Most often, such glass partitions are used as a transparent or decorative wall that functionally divides and at the same time visually enlarges the room.

  • Sliding glass partitions

    They allow to open large apertures and join separated parts of the space.

    The leafs slide along the glass wall what allows to place furniture and other interior objects as close to the solid part of the partition.

  • Frameless room dividers

    These can close and open the largest possible apertures virtually completely. They are ideal when the premise has an aperture of over 2.5 m, but you can also order glass partitions for other parameters and types of the premise planning.

    Folding and easily transforming glass partitions create the entire transformer walls. Most common are 3 types of opening: sliding, parking, and book. Parking and book types require a large spare space to store folded and turned to 90 degrees open leaves of the sliding door.

    Sliding type occupies less space in the width but leaves approximately 1/5th of the aperture closed.

    Advantage of the book type system is that its usage does not require threshold.

  • Combined type glass partitions

    They allow to separate and efficiently isolate an individual fuctional zone without the need to install additional partitions. Most common are angular or U-shaped configurations.

    In such glass blocks for partitions, depending on their purpose, one can combine solid segments with sliding or traffic ones, or even with swinging doors. The main advantage of glass walls versus costruction walls is not only in their mobility and possibility to easily replan the space, but also in the point that such walls can be installed after the final finishing of the premise.

Glass is a truly versatile and at the same time unique material that makes glass partitions even of more demand.

Various decoration techniques can turn a transparent glass partition into a colored emphasis of your interior or even into a real piece of art.

You can print on glass, paint it, you can make three-dimensional or delicate sandblasted patterns and even engravings on its surface.


The DIVETRO company’s experience opens almost unlimited opportunities for you in terms of creating unsurpassed interiors with glass walls and partitions. 

Which glass would you choose for your partition?

Transparent glass

It is the commonest glass which edge has slightly greenish tint. The product perfectly transmits light and doesn’t alter the interior colors. In some cases, the glass partition is not even visible what preserves the overall design composition.

Extra- or ultra-transparent (diamant, extra-clear)

The glass that renders color of objects behind it as accurately as possible. The glass edge has slightly blueish tint.

Tinted glass

The body-tinted glass is usually with grey or bronze tint. One can use it to emphasize certain features of the interior and stress out one of the zones. Light refraction allows to get amazing illumination in the room without any efforts.

Satinated glass

Matted glass perfectly transmits light and  at the same time allows to hide from prying eyes everything located behind the partition.


An ideal option to correct small spaces and create unique visual effect. Moreover, you can avoid buying a large mirror for its separate installation.

SМАRТ glass

The glass with variable transparency opens unlimited additional possibilities for your partitions. They can become, at your wish, satiated or trasparent, or even become a projection screen. Buying a glass partition allows to make your premise really unique and as much aesthetic as possible.

Gessel dome glass (police mirror)

The glass that looks like mirror from one side and as darkened glass from the opposite side. As recent as several years ago this ‘spy mirror’ has shown occurrence in detective movies and has been used only at offices of large companies. Custom glass partition today is a trendy and popular thing in modern interiors.

DIVETRO’s glass partitions are made of proven materials that are characterized by resistance to mechanical damages and contaminations. 

What you can do if noise cancellation is crucial?

Glass walls and partitions themselves are quite good in insulating the sound, and in most interiors such noise protection is well enough.

Glass doors

Safe glass for houses

Making the room perceivably bigger and filling it with air and light is the goal of all designers. But does everyone know the most simple and affordable way to visually enlarge the space? You need simply to install glass structures between rooms!

No matter whether the glass is transparent or matted, plain or patterned, it will add light to the room and make its limits slightly blurred.

Moreover, modern glass doors are also beautiful!

  • Connecting glass doors

  • Glass doors for bathroom and restroom

  • Glass door for clothesroom

What glass door to choose?

Swinging glass doors

It is a classic and traditional option. These doors can be single or double, and they open to one side only. A mandatory condition for glass products is tempering that ensures their safety.

Sliding glass doors

One of the sliding door options is roller or compartment door. It is an irreplaceable solution for small premises and also in interiors where opening of a traditional door leaf can be restricted or even impossible. Sliding glass doors are a perfect match for any rooms, even for children’s rooms, thanks to their simple use.

Traffic glass doors

These doors can be single or double, and they can open both ways. These products usually come with the door closer that returns a wide-open leaf to the initial position. Traffic door can be with a displaced axis that allows closing wide apertures between rooms that require a special approach.

Folding glass doors

These structures are most commonly used in partitions on large apertures. They have a low profile opening option that allows to resolve the space use issue, which emerges when other door types are used.

What glass is the best match for your door?

  • With sandblasted patterns


  • With colored photoprints


  • With glass engravings

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