Glazing and zoning of trading and office premises, and business centers

Office glass partitions

Our expertise in office glazing

For almost two decades, DIVETRO has been implementing the most up-to-date solutions to zone office premises not only in large trading and business centers.
The pool of our clients includes companies from such domains as HoReCa (hotels, hostels, restaurants, cafes, and bars), Beauty and SPA (gyms and dancing halls, fitness centers etc.), public health area (hospitals, clinics, health and rehabilitation centers, massage rooms etc.)

Doors and partitions. Main types by opening method

  • Sliding doors

    One of the most common systems in commercial and office glazing. Sliding doors, both when open and closed, occupy the minimum useful space, and it is especially important for leased premises. Sliding door leaf can be as close as possble to the interior features and thought it preserves the ability of full opening. This type of doors has no threshold and, if needed, can be furnished with a key locking system.

  • Boxed doors

    Stylish solution for any premises. This type anticipates the tightest possible engagement of the glass door. This door type is also marked by exceptionally easy opening enabled by the absence of door closer and by the presence of convenient fixturing in the closed position by means of the lock with lever handle. Boxed doors are popular and remarkably functional. They can be easily decorated and, as a rule, serve well as a part of the overall interior solution offered by the designer.

  • Office partitions

    These can be fixed and solid or combine various numbers of solid and opening segments. They are used to zone large premises of various purpose, and at the same time they preserve the general visual integrity of the space. This option is ideal for zoning the space into separate rooms without loosing its usable area. Office partitions decorate the interior without loosing a sense of locality and visibility of the office premise.

  • Entrance units

    These can be installed both in the gap of a solid glass partition and in a finished aperture made of any other material. Entrance units can be of a traffic or sliding type, and also can be equipped both with a mechanical and automatic opening system. Entrance units are often used as an internal glass portal that blocks cold air flow from the street. They are a fuctional addition to the office space and, often, simply a necessary element of comfort and order.

  • Folding systems

    Most commonly used on large apertures. Using the folding systems, one can virtually in several minutes separate from the common space a closed area for conferences, private meetings, negotiations etc. When you need and want the open space can literally turn into individual rooms separated by glass walls. Folding systems are very often used on terraces and balconies, turning them into additional comfortable places for communication and rest.

  • Pivot-sliding structures

    Pivot-sliding systems open space that is virtually unlimited in length. They can be installed in apertures of various shapes: straight, n-shaped, L-shaped, semicircular, bow windows. Pivot-sliding structures are often used as balcony systems. Together with purely functional purpose, they are authentic, look spectacularly and intriguingly.

And what about noise cancellation?

Glass walls and partitions themselves are quite good in insulating the sound, and in most offices such noise protection is well enough.

However, business sometimes needs maximum privacy and soundproofing.

Our consultants will help you choose the most suitable solution.

Our company’s production line has not only plate glass partitions and doors, but also office partitions based on specialized aluminium and reinforced plastic profile system with the use of both standard and specialized insulating glass units.

Our expertise in the area reckons on our significant experience.

DIVETRO’s partitions are installed not only in very serious offices but also at sound recording studios. 

Glass partitions: made of glass only or on profiles. What to choose?

  • All-glass (without profile)

    Main advantages of all-glass partitions: possibility to zone a large space with the maximum preservation of the effect of its integrity, openness and transparency; possibility to relatively quickly disassemble and relocate the structure to another premise; installation after the final finishing of the premise.
    Cost of glass partitions is often on par with the cost of PVC structures; however, it is necessary to consider that mono-glass partitions have lower noise protection efficiency.

  • On the basis of aluminium profile systems

    Aluminium partitions have wider capabilities as compared to partitions made of any other materials.
    High noise protection and variety of opening options (swing, sliding, traffic doors, as well as folding systems) enable to save usable area and plan the space in the most ergonomic manner.
    Almost unlimited possibilities of painting and decoration of aluminium profile make it irreplaceable if this element needs to match a certain premises style or if it is necessary to create own unique style. As compared to the reinforced plastic, aluminium partitions are lighter, have lower visual section thickness, and, therefore, ensure larger areas of light openings and unobstucted view. Partitions made of aluminium profile systems are more expensive compared to the glass and PVC partitions.

  • On the basis of reinforced plastic profile systems

    Main advatages of reinforced plastic partitions: perfect noise cancellation, high heat conservation properties, simple operation and maintenance, various decoration possibilities for account of profile lamination and decoration options of glass and insulating glass units, and, definitely, attractive cost of glazing.

When the glass tint is important:

Transparent glass

it is the commonest in office partitions glass, which edge has slightly greenish tint.

Extra- or ultra-transparent (diamant, extra-clear)

the glass that renders color of objects behind it as accurately as possible. The glass edge has slightly blueish tint.

Tinted glass

the body-tinted glass is usually with grey or bronze tint.

Satinated glass

matted glass perfectly transmits light and at the same time allows to hide from prying eyes everything located behind the partition.


an ideal option to correct small spaces and create unique visual effect.

SMART glass

the glass with variable transparency opens unlimited additional possibilities for your partitions. They can become, at your wish, satiated or trasparent, or even become a projection screen.

Gessel dome glass (police mirror)

the glass that looks like mirror from one side and as darkened glass from the opposite side. As recent as several years ago this ‘spy mirror’ has shown occurrence in detective movies and has been used only at offices of large companies. This glass today is a trendy and popular thing in the zoning of office spaces (boss’s office, meeting rooms, security office etc.)

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