PVC windows

Reliable and safe reinforced plastic windows. German quality. Reasonable prices. 


We guarantee our quality and therefore we make reinforced plastic windows in line with current regulations and rules, selecting only the proven materials and components for you.


We offer the best possible solutions you don’t have to overpay for. This approach ensures the most reasonable combination of PVC windows and their cost. 

Reasonable terms

Production time depends not only upon the size, configuration, and color of a reinforced plastic window but also upon the formula of an insulating glass unit and the selected hardware. As a rule, we make reinforced plastic windows with standard sizes and basic configuration within a week.

25 years on the market, with thousands of satisfied clients

The company’s reputation is build over years, and with each new project we polish our mastery and enhance our quality. The DIVETRO brand has gathered the most up-to-date energy saving and safety technologies in glazing for you.

Resistance class up to RC2

Official license to manufacture and install safe reinforced plastic windows is a recognized European level of our expertise and high quality of DIVETRO’s reinforced plastic windows.

The right reinforced plastic window

Only the reinforced plastic windows that meets the European regulations and standards can be considered the right one. And DIVETRO produces precisely such reinforced plastic windows.

Our pet subject is quality

The German quality of our reinforced plastic windows is valued not only in Odesa and Ukraine but also far beyond it.

DIVETRO has been glazing apartment blocks and private houses for 25 years already. Trust us, we have an eye for it

  • Replacement of windows in apartment

  • Glazing of projecting and recessed balconies

  • Windows, doors, and sliding systems for private houses and cottages

  • Glazing of newbuilds

  • Replacement of windows in stairwells

  • Windows, doors, partitions for office premises

Choose safe windows!

Our safe windows and doors meet the European quality standards

German profile systems KÖMMERLING and KBE

High technical and physical properties of modern profile systems. Flawless energy efficiency indicators Guaranteed resistance to static and wind loads. Enhanced heat and noise insulation, protection from draughts, leakage, and freezing.

Architectural glass from the global market leaders

Our insulating glass units utilize Guardian Glass and SAINT-GOBAIN GLASS architectural glass. Heat saving, sunproofing, extra clear, nonreflecting, tempered glass, triplex - we will pick up the best solution for your project and make insulating glass units for your windows at our own, European-class, production facilities.

Innovative German hardware by Winkhaus

Discover the safe comfort and enjoy 100% safety. Hidden hinges, comfortable ventilation, automatic control, and robust access control.

Reliable and high quality hardware by Axor

Ukrainian window and door hardware that is fully compliant with the European CE regulations and has the highest corrosion resistance class and successfully passed certification per QM 328 Program of the IFT Rosenheim Institute (Germany).
The Axor hardware guarantees over 20 000 turn and 20 000 turn & tilt cycles of the reinforced plastic window opening, which equals to over 15 years of active operation of a reinforced plastic structure.

High quality materials for the insertion of insulating glass units

Using the high quality silicone adhesives (DOWSIL 993 or DOWSIL 776 Instantfix WB) enables us to:
- significantly improve noise insulation capability of windows and doors (elastic joints prevent transfer of acoustic waves along the structure);
- increase the longevity and simplicity of operation of our structures (increased ridigity, no slacks, and, as a result, no need to perform periodic adjustments);
- ensure the high level of intrusion resistance (the insulating glass unit cannot be squeezed or broken out, the frame cannot be peeled back).

Choose windows that protect your home!

DIVETRO pays a lot of attention to increasing the safety level of our customers, and we recommend to select reinforced plastic window thoroughly and responsibly. 

We will always choose the right and affordable window for you.

We will consider all your wishes and make the most reliable window as quickly as possible.

Our prices of reinforced plastic windows are affordable, what allows us to choose the most suitable option for your budget. 

  • Window for kitchen

  • Window for bedroom

  • Window for children’s room

  • Window for parlor

  • Window in clothesroom

  • Window for restroom

  • Window for bathroom

  • Window for balcony

  • Exit to projecting and recessed balconies

  • Window for basement and ground floors

  • Attic windows

  • Window for bath house and sauna

Additional capabilities for your windows

Activate security system for your window

Alarm sensors integrated into the reinforced plastic window will work well before a trespasser is able to press back your window wing.

Protect children’s life

DIVETRO pays great attention to children’s safety and we have up-to-date solutions that help ensure reliable protection of children from accidents. Our products contain not only insulating glass units with safe glass, but also hardware that changes the order of opening at the turn of a reinforced plastic window hangle, as well as special child locks

Get rid of draughts

Comfortable ventilation mode, at which the wing protracts by 6 mm in parallel to the entire pane of the reinforced plastic window, will to the fullest degree protect you from draughts, heat losses, and even from intrusions. In this mode of ventilation, at the close distance it is even not visible that the wing is ajar. These windows are especially relevant for anti-intrusion protection.

Control your window at ease

In buildings with high ceilings and large windows, or in premises where it is not possible to come close to the window, access to the window may be restricted. Thanks to the handle located on the lower horizontal pane of the wing, the reinforced plastic window easily opens and closes, thus being an ideal solution for mobility challenged people.

Choose color of your mood!

Usual white reinforced plastic windows are more and more often replaced with the colored ones today. These are selected to match the interior style and colors, and decorative elements are then selected to match the color of reinforced plastic windows. Smooth and textured, glossy and matte, light, dark, colored, and even multicolored (different colors of the external and internal sides of the reinforced plastic window or different colors of the window frame and wing): we offer 100+ decoration option to meet any of your design ideas.

Invisible hinges

Fully hidden tilt and turn reinforced plastic hardware provides an unlimited space for design and architectural solutions. This solution is especially relevant in colored windows, for which it is often very difficult to find color-matching decorations. Moreover, hidden hinges enable the reinforced plastic wing to tightly adjoin the frame along the entire perimeter and make your window even warmer, while excluding any draughts in the zone of conventional hinges.

Be original

DIVETRO provides virtually unlimited opportuities not only in the choice of shape and color but also in other elements of the reinforced plastic window decoration. Muntins can give your window a special uniqueness and polish.

Even more comfort

Do you want to open your reinforced plastic window for ventilation or close it while staying in bed? Do you want to maintain the optimum ventilation mode in the room even when you are away? Yes and once again yes! We know how to ensure the maximum safety and ideal microclimate in your house.

Say yes to the smart home

DIVETRO’s windows and doors can be integrated into the smart home system. Remote control access rights for each user in the house, monitor operation of all the systems, control which user used which key to open which door at what time or failed to open due to lack of access. Delegate your smart home to adjust electricity consumption based on the level of illumination in the house and temperature in the heating systems when the window is open. At the same time, CO2 sensors will ‘advise’ windows when the latter need to switch to the ventilation mode.

PVC doors

  • Reinforced plastic entrance doors

  • Exit to terrace

  • Exit to balcony

  • Connecting doors

  • Restroom doors

Additional capabilities for your doors

Enhanced safety and functionality

Robust latches of the multipoint locking system, thanks to a beakshaped locking latch, ensure tight engagement of the reinforced plastic wing and additional safety in case of an attempt to push back the wing from the door frame.

Remote control - quickly, easily, and reliably.

Only your desire defines how your reinforced plastic door would open: by fingerprint, by means of smartphone or code panel, or from a remote control unit and magnetic key.

Protection from the manipulation tampering method

Fireproof and reliable mechanical cylinders by Winkhaus meet the highest quality standards and will provide you with the reliable anti-theft protection. 

New generation access control system

Electronic key is ideal for arranging access mode in private houses and offices. Control access rights in mobile application, control and monitor who and when used the key.

One key to all doors. Convenient and safe

Forget about heavy bunches of keys and exhaustive searches for the needed key - it’s in the past. You can use one key to open all reinforced plastic doors at home, access your office, garage, open your mailbox, and even the padlock in the workshop. It is up to you to decide which privileges and access zones you will provide to your family, employees, and service personnel. Designer interior projects with windows, doors and partitions made of reinforced plastic extrusions/

Only reliable and tested suppliers of materials and components

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