• Facade glazing

    Making a building to look austerly or exquisitely, rendering it ordinary or distinctive, or a piece of art or even an architectural landmark of the city, increasing its attractiveness for investors or lessees is not that hard by virtue of a properly selected glazing option. Column-beam, structural, spider, parametric, hinged curtain walling and even textile facade - the DIVETRO team will help you choose the best option and will develop design and installation documentation and perform all the relevant works. In some projects on the facade component of a whole building, we can serve a function of general contractor. Facades, entrance units, canopies and awnings, external fencing structures, skylights and winter gardens - any scope of turnkey glazing works performed on a purely professional level with guaranteed quality and timing of the work performance. 

  • Interior glazing for malls and business centers, office buildings, and HoReCa facilities

    Plan your space reasonably, demonstrate transparency and control privacy, save on illumination, and always be in tune with the times! 

    Office partitions, entrance units, boxed doors, sliding and folding systems, pivot-sliding structures - any shape, size, design, and decoration of your choice. For almost two decades, DIVETRO has been implementing the most up-to-date solutions to plan office and commercial premises.  

  • Glazing for private houses and cottages

    Modern glass structures for the exterior of private houses and cottages with guaranteed quality and timing. 

    External glazing: aluminium and reinforced plastic windows, doors, sliding systems, winter gardens, skylights, awnings, fencing and enclosing structures. 

    Glass in the modern interior of private houses or cottages: shower cabins and partitions, glass walls and partitions, connecting doors, stairs, floorts, ceilings and enclosing and fencing structures made of glass. All types of glazing on a turnkey basis and from single source.

  • Reinforced plastic windows, doors, and partitions

    Integrated glazing for new builds; replacement of existing windows in an apartment; reinforced plastic windows, doors, sliding systems for private houses and cottages, as well as for offices and business centers - any complexity level and any scope.

    Our experts will help sort out what the difference between the glazing of a projecting and recessed balcony, kitchen, parlor, bedroom, children’s room, restroom, bathroom, and even a clothesroom, and will pickup the best possible option for your windows. 

  • Shower cabins and partitions

    DIVETRO offers safety, longevity, ergonomics, leakage protection, definitive refinement and ultimate practicality of modern turnkey shower cabins.

    Master or guest bathroom, bathhouse or sauna, town residence or office, manufacture or HoReCa facilities, shower cabins made to order have way back become must-have and are an integral part of the functional and comfort space arrangement.

  • Glass partitions and doors for houses

    Plan the space without its wastage, join and divide premises of various purposes, preserving the maximum natural light and letting the sun freely reach to the darkest places of your apartment or house.

    Fixed, sliding, frameless and combined glass partitions for studio, parlor, bedroom, clothesroom, terrace and winter garden, and, certainly, for bathroom and WC. We work on a turnkey basis and guarantee both the quality and terms. 

  • Interior glass and mirror solutions

    Bring the maximum light to your interior and make it unique and authentic. Glass and mirrors will transform the space, chage it geometry and make the interior to the fullest degree light and airy. Glass floor and ceiling, stairs and fences, decorative elements of columns and vent ducts, as well as elevator shafts, boards and panels, podiums, and also slopes and skirtings made of glass - experiment boldly and create unique projects for yourself or for your customers! 


Insulating glass units

Customers today place raised demands on thermophysical properties of any transluscent structures. Their values affect not only the sums in utility bills but also the requirements to heating and air conditioning equipment - it is especially important for commercial buildings.


The right choice of glass and formula of the insulating glass unit can at the very beginning compensate investments into the building glazing by a significant cut in costs of purchasing the high power climatic equipment. And that doesn’t event count constant savings in the course of further use of the premises.


DIVETRO specializes in the production of complex and non-standard insulating glass units for facades and window and door structures.


Insulating glass units - 2,3, 4-pane, dimensions from 300x400 mm up to 3000x6000 mm, any types, shapes, and formulae. 


DIVETRO’s productive capacity

The DIVETRO Company is capable of manufacturing the products on an industrial scale 

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