Glazing for private houses and cottages

Turnkey glazing for private houses and cottages

Any turnkey and warranty-covered constructions based on aluminium and reinforced plastic extrusions and architectural glass 

Living in a private house or cottage is not just a current time trend. Today, it is an opportunity to provide your nearest and dearest with the maximum comfort and create the safest conditions for their life and health.
DIVETRO offers all types of glazing and glass structures to you, on a turnkey basis and with the guaranteed quality, timing, and best price: facade glazing, aluminium and reinforced plastic windows, doors, separations, green houses, skylights, canopies and tents, sunscreen systems, glass doors and partitions, shower cabins, glass stairs and fencing, and also glass and mirror decorative elements for your house. 

Trending types of private house glazing projects


    Glazing is made with standard size products. Normal opening methods are turn, turn and tilt. Shapes are mainly rectangular. Window- and door-type aluminium or reinforced plastic extrusions are used. 


    The glazing contains elements of facade systems. In this project, the products may be of large dimensions. The glazing basis is aluminium section systems. Standard size products can be made of reinforced plastic extrusions.


    The glazing consists mainly of large floor-to-ceiling windows and doors; sliding systems are also used. The “glass walls” concept is implemented. Like in the house architecture, clean and accurate rectangular shapes are the dominant features in the glazing.


    This is a artistic design project of the house and glazing, respectively. The project contains unique designer solutions, uncustomary and complex shapes, multiplanar structures, sometimes very unconventional colors of the paintwork and decoration of both the extrusion/section and glass elements.

Modern glass structures for the exterior of private houses and cottages

  • Facade glazing

    Glass walls for your house.
    The highest safety, comfort, noise and sound protection, as well as heat conservation and maximum natural lighting.

  • Hinged curtain walling

    Your facade can be of any shape, color, and texture.
    It is a very unique and non-standard solution for outer walls of new and renovated buildings.

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows

    This option suits those who are accustomed to enjoy views from their windows.
    This type of windows is notable for an advanced level of safety, high heat insulation, and also a comfortable opening and ventilation mode.
    It enjoys both standard and innovative control systems.

  • Windows belonging to this family may have uncustomary shapes.

    Any shape is possible, without any loss of energy efficiency and functionality.
    These windows perfectly sync with any architectural style, as they may adopt arch, angled, round, trapeziform, and other shapes. 100+ decoration options and any RAL color.

  • Sliding systems

    These systems provide you with ultimate freedom and no barriers.
    Conventional and fully automated opening and closing options cover apertures of up to 7 meters along one side.
    You get superior energy saving and antiburglar protection, as well as a great way to spare useful square meters of the space.

  • Entrance doors

    My home is my castle!
    Doors have the resistance class up to RC2 and feature break detectors, multipoint locking systems, antiburglar locks and up-to-date access control system.

  • Enclosing structures

    Open space must be safe and secure! Glass fencing for lounge areas on roofs, for terraces, balconies, balusters, porches or entrance units of a house is an up-to-date, safe, and very viable design solution. Glass screens for swimming pools and even entire glass fences have risen to popularity today. No matter whether usual or nonstandard, straight or curverd, mounted on sections, posts or points, with handrails or without them, made of mono or triplex glass, with transparent or decorative glass - we will bring to life any your project if it does not defy the laws of physics and gravity. 

  • Winter gardens

    We build glass rooms with a huge choice of the glazing design. Various types of leaf opening. This option is an elegant solution to expand the accommodation space.
    It offers a significant cut in weight as compared to standard walls, and reduces the load upon the building.

  • Piazza and terrace glazing

    Get the maximum light and freedom. Various combinations of sliding and folding systems enable to fully open all glass walls. Magnificent view even in a closed mode. Breathtaking effect of a continuous glass wall. This option is ideal for large scale apertures. Available as a frameless (cold) glazing and on the basis of warm profile systems.

  • Skylights

    Enjoy a source of natural lighting in your house. Save on electricity bills.
    Get these sealed, warm, and safe structures, whic are extremely resistant to external impacts. They also feature ventilation function if supplied with built-in leaves. You can create the most sophisticated shapes, up to multiplanar.

  • Canopies and awnings

    No more fear of any weather elements.Satisfy yourself with light, airy, and at the same time firm and safe protective structures. The glass can be of a bended form. These structures are attached to buildings or serve as detached standalone units.

  • Sunscreen systems

    Exterior aluminium structures for panoramic (floor-to-ceiling) and facade glazing.
    These products protect you from sunrays ingress and, consequently, from premise overheating.
    They also ensure significant savings on air conditioning costs.You can use them not only as a protective element but also as a decorative one.

A comprehensive and detail-oriented approach to glazing makes our company the leader on the market of translucent structures

Are you ready to talk about your house glazing project? 

12 reasons to choose DIVETRO to glaze a private house

  • We are professionals

    We are professionals and renowned influencers not only in the window business, but also in all other areas that are associated with glass processing.

  • Over 25 years of experience

    Our reputation is proven by years - a quarter of a century of successful operations on the market, thousands of glazed condominiums and private houses.

  • European level of service

    We are Ukraine’s largest multidisciplinary manufacturer of the European level. We employ only the most recent technologies of glass unit production and glass treatment and processing.

  • Own production facilities

    Our capabilities enable to implement any architectural and designer solution for you - from absolutely standard and common and up to the most exquisite.

  • All certificates on hands

    The quality is our god. Our company’s quality management system (QMS) is certified per DSTU ISO 9001:2009.
    We use only the proven materials and components.

  • Customer-oriented approach

    We employ personalized service for each individual customer, thoroughly work through each project, and find the most suitable engineering solution.

  • We are easy and reliable to get on with

    Our experts are focused on customers and their tasks. We are fast to react and respond to inquiries and requests, own high competencies, and bear full responsibility for all of our decisions.

  • Designer supervision

    At all stages of your order - from the initial consultation and up to the project completion - DIVETRO remains an active and responsible participant of the project process.

  • Progressive technologies

    We don’t only monitor and track novelties in the area of energy efficiency and multipurposeness of glass, new arrivals in fitments and components.
    We do attentively study innovative products in close cooperation with their manufacturers and assimilate only those that are the best on the market, at the same time remembering to customize our products so they are 100% compliant with your country’s conditions.

  • Turnkey and guaranty-covered services

    A basic premise of our confidence and your indisturbance is that we control quality of our products and works at each stage - from measurement to assembly.

  • Post-warranty support

    You can always reckon on the repair or upgrade of your structures if it is technologically possible.

  • DIVETRO produces ready-made solutions from safe glass

    We will continue to perfect our products always, regardless of our position in various tops and charts.

We closely monitor all market trends and if necessary make all needed corrections to our production program. However, it is very important to emphasize that we aren’t tied to the chariot of fashion and trends. We respect our customers and take any project as a reflection of inner world and wishes of its respective owner. Our goal is to ensure the choice and provide the full picture of certain solutions.

Glass in the modern interior of private houses or cottages

Doors and partitions

Connecting doors, partitions, glass sliding systems, folding systems, entrance units.

Glass structures

Shower cabins and partitions, fences, glass stairs, floors and ceilings, podiums.

Glass and mirrors in the interior

Glazing of elevator shafts, mirrors, boards and panels made of glass and mirrors, painterly stained-glass windows, glass furniture.

Glass partitions and doors for houses

  • Glass partition as an opportunity to effectively divide the space

    You can erect blank walls or you can stylishly separate rooms by means of a glass partition. What you get is more light and more space.

  • Glass connecting doors. Safe and noise protecting

    Swing, sliding, traffic glass doors - wether in a usual aperture or in a glass wall - will make a room perceivably larger and fill it with air and light. 


Do you have your own ideas?

Glass structures for private houses

  • Shower cabins and partitions

    Standard and exclusive options of shower cabins with exact fitting of dimensions and configuration with walls, with consideration of all specifics of the design and installation.

  • Enclosing structures

    Glass fencing on stairs is not the fusion-style architecture but a reasonable, functional, and, most importantly, safe solution. But why on earth we do need to be too modest! It’s virtually genius. Such fences look light and weightless, and they visually enlarage stair flight width and do not absorb sunlight.

  • Glass stairs

    Glass stairs serve not only a utilitarian function - they interconnect two or more levels of a building - but they also undoubtedly are a jewel of the interior. A combination of transparency, lightness and elegance of glass with the finess of a sky-aiming form will leave nobody unmoved. Moreover, the glass stair is versatile - its design can be always elaborated so that it seamslessly match any interior.

  • Glass floors and ceilings

    One of the most stylish and unordinary designer solutions offered by the modern architecture is the use of glass as... a ceiling or floor coating. Glass floor or ceiling will undoubtedly italicize individuality and uniqueness of the interior and will become its maraschino cherry. Glass floors by DIVETRO will surprise you with a variety of options suitable for premises of any size, as well as with their beauty and functionality, as with all perceived fragility from outside this coating is very reliable!

Glass and mirrors in the interior

Application of glass and mirrors in the interior decoration opens a wide space for imagination and enables to implement the most unbelievable ideas. Solid glass boards that close a part or entire wall, panels composed of glass or mirror pieces that serve as paintings, and the paintings on glass themselves will give the unique and distinctive look to your interior. Glass and mirrors perform wonders with the space; for example, decoration of columns and vent ducts can turn them into a piece of art or fully dissolve them into the space. Bank on it, only glass skirting and slopes are able to completely alter the geometry of space and make the walls levitate.


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