The DIVETRO company has been successfully operating on the market of translucent structures since 1996. 

The company is now the industry’s leader in Ukraine.


Our products are of high demand and valued not only on the domestic market but far beyond it as well.

On the international markets we operate under the DIVETRO brand.


We offer to our customers the full scope of up-to-date products based on glass, PVC profile, and aluminium profile systems manufactured in line with the latest world’s trends in design and construction technologies. 

DIVETRO’s production capabilities (per shift)

  • Treatment, reinforcement, tempering, and decoration of glass. Assembly of insulating glass units of up to JUMBO size

    The largest production complex for glass treatment and processing in the south of Ukraine. The large part of our equipment are fully automated lines with software control.

    We use high-precision CNC production centers. Our company has own tempering furnaces with the moulding and bending functionality, as well as in-house glass lamination furnaces. We employ specialized vehicles to transport Jumbo size sheet glass.

  • Facade and window and door structures, winter garders, sliding systems. Sunscreen systems

    Classic and innovative structure on the basis of aluminium profile systems from European manufacturers

    All structures are assembled at fabrication shops on up-to-date robotized equipment with the maximum accuracy and guaranteed high quality.

  • Reinforced plastic windows and doors of any configuration. Glazing of projecting and recessed balconies. RC2 license

    Modern automated high-precision line for productio of reinforced plastic structures on the basis of energy efficient profile systems from the economy and up to premium segments. Separate line for production of non-standard units, to include oversize and innovative PVC products from German profiles and components. Own manufacture of insulating glass units

DIVETRO’s quality certificates

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