Translucent structures

A large European production center that processes sheet glass and manufactures translucent structures based on aluminium and PVC section systems, as well as architectural glass. Powerful production capabilities, professional engineering solutions, in-house design bureau

25 years of achievements and success

Our company was founded in 1996 and since its inception has engaged in the production of translucent structures.

Being a large European sheet glass processing and translucent structures production center, our company operates both on the domestic market - under PARITET brand and trademark - and on the international market - under DIVETRO brand and trademark.

Our mission - to bring comfort, functionality, style and beauty to our customers’ glazing structures; to improve on the architectural appearance of buildings in particular and cities as a whole, and to achieve perfection in the art of designing and manufacturing of translucent structures.

«Our vision is to become a world leader in meeting our customer's needs for translucent structures - we offer innovative and quality assured solutions to meet our customer's projects»

Gennady Kaftya,  business owner

The company was founded by the citizens of Ukraine. It has had the same owners since it was established. The company does not depend upon the political environment, and it is not owned or controlled by any political structures or financial and industrial groups.


  • Glass and mirrors

  • Insulating glass units

  • Translucent facades and Hinged curtain walling

  • External glazing

  • Doors and partitions

  • Modern glass structures


Full closed cycle

Full closed cycle from design to production allows the company to quickly manufacture high quality glazing products of virtually any complexity.

Extensive variety of production

Our company's extensive variety of production facilities allows us to quickly deliver different types of high-quality finished products and services to all projects from a single production location.

Highest safety and quality standard

Our company uses only high-quality materials and components, the most modern and sophisticated equipment, and execute stringent safety and quality controls on production requirements.

International cooperation

We maintain close relationships with our international suppliers of materials and components. We work collaboratively with suppliers on projects to assure that we fully meet customer requirements, maintaining highest safety and quality standards.

Сlose proximity to large sea ports

Our close proximity to large Black Sea ports (Odessa, Yuzhne, Chornomorsk) makes it possible to deliver goods by sea to destinations all over the world.

Аdvantageous geographical location

Our production base is geographically close to the borders of European countries. This advantageous location is highly beneficial to the delivery of our products by land to many customers.

Transport logistics department

Our in-house transport logistics department enables us to perform shipments to Europe and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). Transportation of 20 and 40-foot containers and any cargoes are allowed for transportation in covered semi-trailers. The company operates under its own TIR and CMR certificates. The entire company's vehicle fleet is equipped according to Euro-3 and Euro-5 environmental standards.


The company was founded by the citizens of Ukraine. It has had the same owners since it was established. The company does not depend upon the political environment, and it is not owned or controlled by any political structures or financial and industrial groups.

Sustainable growth and development

Our company has had sustainable growth and development throughout the entire period of its operation.

Extensive experience

The company has an extensive record of experience in international cooperation activities.

DIVETRO is a powerful production base

DIVETRO is a powerful production base that can offer any goods of PVC and aluminum profile and, of course, made of glass. This includes glass windows, doors, facades, winter gardens, shower cabins, glass stairs, floors and ceilings - and many more possible constructions. 

Here are the details of what we can produce and process in one work shift:

Treatment of glass edges and surface, bending, lamination, decoration, and tempering. Insulating glass units for facades and window and door structures, 2-, 3-, and 4-pane, dimensions from 300x400 mm and up to 3000x6000 mm, any types, shapes and options.

1500 m2 of tempered glass, 4 tons of tempered glass subjected to HST (Heat Soak Test).

350 m2 of structures for facade glazing, 100 m2 of window and door structures of any configuration and complexity, made of aluminium profiles.

Over 1000 m2 of reinforced plastic structures of various configurations and complexity. 150 m2 of laminated profile, 100+ decoration options.

What makes us unique?

The uniqueness of our company is its team, its people, and our skills to survive in exceedingly difficult conditions. 


It is in our equipment, and in our ability to apply new learnings, and the values we cherish with our employees, partners, clients.  It is in our philosophy to make peoples’ homes exceptionally beautiful, cosy and comfortable. We work hard, we actively participate and share ideas at world exhibitions, we are committed to continuous business process improvement and apply modern technologies to optimise the delivery of our products and services.

That is why DIVETRO products are of interest not only for the Ukraine domestic market, but also for the markets of North America and Europe, where we are already acting as a reliable partner of Western companies and the direct manufacturer who is supplying quality products.

We are actively developing new markets for our products and services, including markets in Australia, Asia, South-East Asia, South America, and we are already achieving success in aligning our products and services to customers' requirements in these global locations 

Only reliable and tested suppliers of materials and components

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